3 Things to Investigate now before Selling a home


First off, you want to Google a Real Estate Agent to hire.  If you’ve been doing your homework and perhaps narrowed it down to a few, make sure that you Google their names to see how swell a job they do in marketing themselves, because if they can’t market themselves how will they ever be able to market your home for sale.  Especially when we know that over 90% of home Buyers start their home search online over the internet.  The Real Estate Agent that you hire, will need to market your home well, in order to bring you a prospective Buyer. Hiring a Real Estate Agent who is proficient in and keeps up to date on the latest Social Media activities and trends, is a Real Estate Agent that you want on your side selling your home.


3 Things to Investigate now before selling a home IYH

Secondly, go ahead and stand at the curbside of your home to see what others will see.  Take off our homeowner glasses and put on the prospective Buyer’s glasses.  When you look at your roof, what do you see? Is it a nice clean roof or do you see years of dirt and grime accumulated from the elements? Take a closer look at your roof’s fascia boards; are they rotting and falling apart? It’s a good idea to have those repaired ahead of time. How about your home’s paint? Is it’s color still fresh and appealing or has it dulled and chipped from the hot sun rays and blistering rain & wind?  Don’t forget your bushes, hedges, trees and grass.  Is everything neatly trimmed and green or do you see sparse spots and branches amongst your grass, shrubbery and trees? Be sure to get rid of anything dead in your landscaping.

Now step inside your home and take a close look at the little things in your home that have gone unattended.  Those dusty, dirty overhead ceiling fans and those dusty dirty a/c vents – be sure to clean them up. How about those holes in the walls that you have been meaning to patch, yes, go ahead and get them patched up and painted over. Do you have loose cabinet hinges or squeaky doors? Then get out the screwdriver and WD-40. Look at your floor moldings – are they kicked up and marked up? Replace them or fill them in and paint them so they look brand new. Leaky faucets leaving stains in your sinks and toilets? Fix the leaks and remove the stains.  I’m sure your home likely has a few more items to add to this list of neglected items that need attention in your home.  You’d be surprised, how fixing these items, can afford you a higher selling price for your home, that far outweighs the cost of the repair itself.  In the end, a prospective Buyer will look at your home, as a well cared for home that is worth more money than your neighbor’s home down the block who didn’t repair these items prior to putting their home up for sale. With this in mind, your home will be bought and not your neighbors home.

Investigate these things before selling your home and you’ll be packing up to move in no time at all. Want to know what else you can do to get your home sold, just call me and I’ll gladly let you know. Happy selling!

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